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  • The Marketer Behind YouTube – Chad Hurley Speaks

    Following Jim Collins as an inspiring key note speaker at the Australian Business Congress in Sydney last week was the co-founder of YouTube, Chad Hurley. With 72 minutes of unique video uploaded to YouTube every minute, and more than 1 Billion unique visitors to YouTube – YouTube is now the second largest search engine in […]

  • Surprise Your Customers – A New Way Of Differentiating

    The other day, I received a request from one of our senior sales managers to support a key customer with some product images and “marketing guff”, as he called it. I was quickly given the customer’s telephone number and that was that. Before I made the call I spent a few minutes researching who this […]

  • The Power Of Social Media Marketing In The B2B Market

    Welcome to the world of Social Media. Where conversations and interactions take place in real time over multiple platforms. Remember the days when we heard of new brands and products through either word-of-mouth, press reviews or advertising? That was then, this is now. So do you join them, plan your strategy, do your research, set […]