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  • The Marketing Performance Blueprint

    I know I’ve gone missing for a while but I’m back stronger than ever! In an effort to rebuild myself I have been reading a great book by Paul Roetzer titled The Marketing Performance Blueprint. This is a great B2B marketing book that examines the emergence of a significant marketing performance gap for many companies […]

  • Is Real Growth Achieved By Marketers?

    There are many qualities marketers have in common: relentless drive, creativity, and determination, to name a few. Yet there is one area where marketers fail. And that is effectively marketing an organization’s offerings to achieve real growth. So whose job is it to figure out how to create this growth? Marketers must own the charter of growing […]

  • That Little Red Devil

    Do you remember that little red devil that would appear in cartoons when we were kids? You know the one that always gave the worst advice, eager to tear down the belief and confidence of the hero character. That little red devil can be in your head, that voice of insecurity and self-criticism. Your self […]

  • Creating A Meaningful Marketing Story

    Every story needs a spark of something remarkable, so it can be remembered and shared. A remarkable story can inspire and provoke change. It can bring action and align people towards a common purpose. I discovered this great info-graphic from the copyblogger and just had to share and write about it… Well done Sonia Simone […]

  • The Challenge Of Hitting Every Deadline

    What’s the one thing almost all marketing executives need? You may think more ideas, additional funding, a better and bigger team, or even the power to read minds. This would all help, but I have found (especially in the past year) having more hours in our working days would come in really handy – especially […]

  • Does Marketing Sell?

    Salespeople who win sell differently to those who come in second, third and last. So what can marketing do to help sales results in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of selling? Here are five things I’ll be working on this year with my marketing team to maximize sales results: 1. Salespeople who win […]

  • Don’t Present. Put On A Show.

    When I attend a lecture, a presentation at work, or a meeting I go to see the speaker and the attendees. I already know what they have to say and present. There’s no need for slide shows, graphs and data. I don’t remember any of these things. Words, words, words. Data, data, data. Slides, slides, […]

  • The New Meaning Of Coaching

    A few months ago I was invited to a diversity workshop…  I found myself working with a great mix of people of all ages, gender, background, and business experience. We discussed the topic of “workplace coaching” and it seemed most people were dissatisfied with what our company have offered in the past and are continuing […]

  • Five Habits Of Marketers Who Continue To Create

    I felt inspired to start writing again today! The past two months have taken me away from my beloved blog… In trying to work out why this happened, I stumbled on the habits I abandoned late in the year and need to restart in 2015. And let’s face it if marketers don’t continue to create […]

  • Create A Spark

    The time is ripe to be creative and lead. If you’re a marketer wanting to make your mark; its your time to create a spark! I recently came across an inspiring TED talk by Julie Burstein. Burnstein is a radio producer and best-selling author of great book titled:  “Spark: How Creativity Works”. In her TED […]

  • Marketing is all about Testing and Failing

    Over the years I have grasped onto the fact marketing as a discipline is all about: testing and failing. As a marketer – you will never have all the answers. However you will create and always have people judge you. Your manager, peers, employees, customers, and even your wife, partner, kids and wider family will […]

  • How To Speak So That People Want To Listen

    Ever spoken or presented to a wider audience and felt you just didn’t hit the mark. You didn’t excite and you definitely didn’t engage and make the crowd want to listen… I came across this great Ted talk from Julian Treasure – How To Speak So That People Want To Listen. Julian Treasure claims there […]

  • Your Legacy Is Your Work!

    I just came across this post from Seth Godin and had to quote it: The artist who dances on the edge: “You are brave. Such a generous soul, someone who doesn’t hesitate to leap when others shrink in fear. Your work means so much to you and to the people you share it with, we […]

  • Inspire Creativity And Risk Everything

    In a five-minute animated clip, World Cup soccer players must come together to take down the “clones” that have replaced them and made their game a commodity. Nike’s marketing campaign delivers a creative approach to highlight the importance of human risk-taking and innovation in the world cup and beyond. The Last Game tells the story […]