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  • Rethinking Strategy

    According to Michael Porter (Professor of Harvard Business School and Director of the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness), the worst error in strategy is to compete with rivals on the same dimensions. Porter claims rethinking strategy involves “understanding your industry deeply before you focus on your market position. And then focus on your positioning along […]

  • Marketing A Commodity

    Is it possible to brand and market a commodity? Is it also possible to escape the trap of transactional pricing and eroding margins? And change customer behaviour and re-invent your market place? It sure is and a medium size family business in Portugal did it and destroyed their global rivals… They are called Renova and […]

  • Break The Silos Down With Your Marketing

    Silos can exist in any company, big or small. Every company is split into divisions, departments, or units. This structure allows for specialisation. But with specialisation, comes complexity and conflicting priorities. Conflicting priorities quickly create office politics, finger pointing, and red tape. What a waste of resource, time and money! So as a marketer, how […]

  • Chrysler’s Imported From Detroit Marketing Campaign

    Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit marketing campaign is simply amazing. It’s authentic and 100% patriotic. Plus it features Bob Dylan… The ad below ends with the words, “All-New Chrysler 200,” and then the clever tagline, “America’s Import.” I love the glimpses of the automotive assembly line, and Detroit. Maybe if the car manufacturing plants in Australia […]