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  • The Power of Emotion in B2B Marketing

    Don’t ever underestimate the power of emotion in decision making at any level: personal or business. In the B2B market the power of emotion is critical to the success of the sales pitch and the brand promise. I came across a great article from a past lecturer of mine at Monash University called Leslie de Chernatony. […]

  • Snickers Campaign – The Brady Bunch

    In a new take on the ‘you’re not yourself when you’re hungry’ Snickers marketing campaign, The Brady Bunch makes an appearance. What a clever new take on a successful marketing concept for Snickers. The full-length ad involves Carol and Mike Brady, and an angry Danny Trejo as Marcia. Steve Buscemi is also featured as Jan Brady […]

  • Why Branding Is Misunderstood

    Depending on who you talk to, branding can be a complete mystery. And when a brand is misunderstood, those who think they are marketers play a very dangerous role. They feel brands are business names or product labels, logos, packaging or signage with little or no tangible value. According to Seth Godin: “Your logo is […]

  • KitKat: Take A Break Campaign

    KitKat’s branding on wrappers has taken a recent facelift – incorporating YouTube. Yes, YouTube and what a clever idea! Dame Fiona Kendrick, the chief executive and chairman at Nestlé said: “As KitKat celebrates its 80th anniversary and YouTube turns 10 this year, it is really exciting to be taking the partnership to a new phase […]

  • Budweiser’s Lost Dog

    In marketing as in life, there some clear-cut truths… One is: people love to laugh. And two: They also love to cry. We all love to remember something; and Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” marketing campaign is onto a sure thing! “Lost Dog” tells the story of a puppy who gets separated from his best friend — […]

  • Brand Transformation: McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It

    After 75 years of operating can a brand transform? Or can the world’s largest fast food chain serving millions of customers daily across the globe really change? And how? According to McDonald’s CMO Deborah Wahl this is possible… “McDonald’s is moving from a philosophy of billions served to billions heard… “We love serving burgers but at […]

  • The Bear Essentials Of Safety

    I recently boarded an Air New Zealand flight with the family. Heading to Queenstown, all buckled up and waiting for the routine and very boring safety briefing. As we started to watch, we were completely surprised with was to follow. A new way to demonstrate flight safety was created by Air New Zealand’s marketing agency – […]

  • How To Speak So That People Want To Listen

    Ever spoken or presented to a wider audience and felt you just didn’t hit the mark. You didn’t excite and you definitely didn’t engage and make the crowd want to listen… I came across this great Ted talk from Julian Treasure – How To Speak So That People Want To Listen. Julian Treasure claims there […]

  • Inspire Creativity And Risk Everything

    In a five-minute animated clip, World Cup soccer players must come together to take down the “clones” that have replaced them and made their game a commodity. Nike’s marketing campaign delivers a creative approach to highlight the importance of human risk-taking and innovation in the world cup and beyond. The Last Game tells the story […]

  • Eyes On The Road

    A full cinema of movie goers settle in to watch a film… Then, every person in the cinema receives a text, and checks their mobile phone. But what happens next is seriously scary and sends a very strong message. Volkswagen created “Eyes On The Road” to make one thing clear: Do Not Text And Drive. […]

  • How Does Culture Drive Performance?

    There’s something about the FIFA world cup that drives millions of fans, supporters and viewers of the game worldwide absolutely crazy! Waking up all hours of the morning to watch a sport driven by individual and team performance really made me wonder… What drives these teams and individuals to excel under such intense pressure, every […]

  • Marketing Is Dead

    I was recently told “Marketing is dead” by an influential CEO and global leader of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi – Kevin Roberts. At the Global Business Forum, held in in Sydney a few weeks ago; Roberts expressed “traditional marketing” governed by product, price, promotion and place is no longer effective. The role of Marketing […]

  • Moving Away From Pushing Products

    Moving away from pushing products to marketing the experience can be very powerful… Andes Beer proved this by launching a marketing campaign that enabled their customers to escape from “unbearable commitments”. The marketing campaign titled: “Teletransporter” won a Grand Prix at Cannes. Saatchi & Saatchi took a creative approach to engage with their target audience: […]

  • Marketing A Commodity

    Is it possible to brand and market a commodity? Is it also possible to escape the trap of transactional pricing and eroding margins? And change customer behaviour and re-invent your market place? It sure is and a medium size family business in Portugal did it and destroyed their global rivals… They are called Renova and […]