The Marketing Performance Blueprint

I know I’ve gone missing for a while but I’m back stronger than ever!

In an effort to rebuild myself I have been reading a great book by Paul Roetzer titled The Marketing Performance Blueprint.

This is a great B2B marketing book that examines the emergence of a significant marketing performance gap for many companies around three components:

  1. The ability to rebuild a strategy, plan and tactics that are effective in the new digital, increasingly inbound marketplace. To also re-engineer the process of generating qualified leads that result in revenue.
  2. The ability to re-skill the team, or find and keep new hires, who are able to straddle the smorgasbord of new skills required to execute digital inbound marketing campaigns that deliver quality leads.
  3. The effective use of technology. Marketers struggle to select, implement and use marketing technology platforms that massively improve the cost of customer acquisition and improve productivity.

Roetzer argues senior B2B marketers must address each of these performance gaps to build a successful marketing strategy and function. So what’s needed now in B2B marketing?

  • The need t0 understand your customer’s problems and key issues
  • Your ability as a marketer to position and message effectively (creative and content that works)
  • Have a strategy to influence and win over your internal stakeholders (sales force and supply chain)
  • Ensure your funnel is growing – lead generation – qualified leads, sales ready leads and target customers
  • Connect with your customers – build your brand
  • Have a digital and social media strategy that works


I know it’s a daunting list and according to Roetzer, the marketers who will redefine the industry in the coming months and years will never stop challenging conventional knowledge and solutions. And this is the biggest dangers B2B marketers face – the absence of innovation and execution. That leads to “random acts of marketing” not tied back to anything and a world where marketing becomes an expense not an investment!