Snickers Campaign – The Brady Bunch

In a new take on the ‘you’re not yourself when you’re hungry’ Snickers marketing campaign, The Brady Bunch makes an appearance. What a clever new take on a successful marketing concept for Snickers. The full-length ad involves Carol and Mike Brady, and an angry Danny Trejo as Marcia. Steve Buscemi is also featured as Jan Brady in the ad. The ad aired during the Super Bowl a few months ago and is one of the most memorable.

YouTube Preview Image

The agency behind the Snickers marketing campaign, BBDO’s creative team claimed: “It’s really difficult to create a version of the same campaign every year and to keep it fresh. While you can say you’ve seen a similar version of the Snickers creative before, we should also applaud the fact that we found a way to keep it fresh and inventive. You don’t want to deviate, but we knew we needed something fresh so we decided to tell the story in the context of the TV show, which is burned into people’s minds even though it was only on the air for four years.”

Lining up the rights to the show and getting the celebrities on board was complicated enough. But the BBDO creative team also had to watch all four years of episodes to find a scene in which the Brady parents, sitting on the sofa, interact with the family’s two daughters, Marcia and Jan, in just the right way to enable mouth replacement voiceovers.

As a marketer, I am always taken back by exceptional creative. You get it right, the message becomes memorable. And that’s all a brand deserves in its execution.