Is Real Growth Achieved By Marketers?

There are many qualities marketers have in common: relentless drive, creativity, and determination, to name a few. Yet there is one area where marketers fail. And that is effectively marketing an organization’s offerings to achieve real growth.

So whose job is it to figure out how to create this growth?

Marketers must own the charter of growing the business, i.e. getting more revenues, getting more customers, getting more work – is the job of the marketer.

Marketing is not all about developing amazing campaigns and programs, planning and forming strategies, or relying on remarkable creative to tell a story. It’s so much more than that. Marketing is about creating things that don’t exist.

The best marketers start by going out and talking to their customers “face to face” to find out “what their concerns, issues, unmet needs, hopes and dreams are. Then they work directly with teams throughout their business to craft products and services that fill these needs. Only then should marketers concern themselves with creative and pitching what they’ve developed.

So why don’t today’s marketers take this approach?

It’s hard work! But if your goal is truly to drive real growth, that’s exactly what you must do. I do it day in and day out.

I challenge my organisation and its leaders to think this way. May be one day organisations will truly understand their customers and work for them.