That Little Red Devil

Do you remember that little red devil that would appear in cartoons when we were kids? You know the one that always gave the worst advice, eager to tear down the belief and confidence of the hero character.

That little red devil can be in your head, that voice of insecurity and self-criticism. Your self belief starts to take a hit and fear comes on very quickly. You start to second guess your work. You stop taking risks. And you even get to the point of giving up or burning out.

The only thing you can then do is turn your back and walk away. And you then start to look for the little things that were successful and you were great at. You slowly rebuild, find your confidence and flick that little red devil of your shoulder into the waste bin.

It takes guts to say, “This is a crazy idea, but it just may just work!” It takes guts to keep going. Keep creating. And testing the boundaries. Challenging mediocrity and the status quo. But if you stop – there is no marketing – so find the strength and inspiration to keep going (Don Draper did).