Creating A Meaningful Marketing Story

Every story needs a spark of something remarkable, so it can be remembered and shared. A remarkable story can inspire and provoke change. It can bring action and align people towards a common purpose. I discovered this great info-graphic from the copyblogger and just had to share and write about it… Well done Sonia Simone and the team at copyblogger!

The biggest mistake blue chip companies make is thinking that they are the hero. This makes for a selfish, pushy and easily ignored marketing message. Who wants to listen to a salesperson promoting a brand or company with no connection back to their audience. To tell a compelling story, the customer must be the hero.

So what defines a hero? The hero of the story is the one who is transformed as the story progresses, from an ordinary person into someone extraordinary. Think of Walter White in Breaking Bad – if you haven’t watched this show yet – start and you will be taken over…

Next you need to understand your customer’s goal. What transformation are they seeking? Where do they want to go and who do they want to be? What are their growth plans? Why do their customers buy from them? What’s their competitive advantage?

Obstacles are what make stories memorable. Conflict is the gap between where your hero is today and where they want to go. This makes for a compelling story.  What limitations must they overcome to achieve their goal? What’s holding them back? What are their issues? What’s keeping them at night?

If your customer is Luke Skywalker, you’re Obi-Wan Kenobi. If your customer is Bilbo, you’re Gandalf. Your company or brand must become the jedi master, the wizard – the mentor who can provide the information and tools needed to allow the hero to attain their goal.

The most subtle and remarkable stories leave it to the audience to figure out the moral of the story. Don’t be afraid to spell it out. Be clear and direct. Clarity is golden.

Storytelling is an art. Do it well and you will inspire and win customers over!