Budweiser’s Lost Dog

In marketing as in life, there some clear-cut truths…

One is: people love to laugh. And two: They also love to cry.

We all love to remember something; and Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” marketing campaign is onto a sure thing!

“Lost Dog” tells the story of a puppy who gets separated from his best friend — a horse. What comes next is a minute-long emotional roller coaster that will make you feel like you’re watching The Notebook for the first time.

YouTube Preview Image

What makes great marketing?

For Budweiser it’s not even about the product, its about the message they send. The authenticity of that message and its emotional appeal. There is nothing more breathtaking than sharing real-life experiences, hopes, and dreams.  It’s inspiring and engaging. And you want to be part of the movement being created.

So why don’t we ask our customers what our brand means to them—and let their hearts tell us a story. I’m sure a connection will be made and that’s what real marketing and advertising is all about after all.