Does Marketing Sell?

Salespeople who win sell differently to those who come in second, third and last.

So what can marketing do to help sales results in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world of selling?

Here are five things I’ll be working on this year with my marketing team to maximize sales results:

1. Salespeople who win connect the dots between customer issues and their company’s solutions. Support the sales force with the tools and playbooks to assist with this connection. These tools will include a grid of our company’s offerings, how these offerings solve issues, the impact (or benefit) of solving those issues, and questions our sales force can ask to uncover those issues. This will have a huge impact on our sales force and their ability to connect the dots between needs and issues.

2. Salespeople who win persuade customers they will achieve worthwhile results.
Marketing must build case studies that demonstrate how your company has created client results that are “gold” to sales people. When marketing can provide these studies, new customers will see the results are possible and desire the results for themselves.

3. Salespeople who win minimize their customers’ risk.
Risk reduction is more important than ever. Salespeople must be skilled at building trust with the customer and marketing needs to be responsible for the brand, thought leadership, and communicating a history of results that build trust in the company itself and its offerings.

4. Salespeople who win convince customers they are the best option.
In a word, this is differentiation. Marketers can have a huge impact on helping the sales force communicate how their offerings—and their company—are superior to other options. Getting competitive positioning right takes great effort, but produces great results.

5. Salespeople who win collaborate with customers.
Creating events where customers, prospects, and the company can connect offline may provide many possibilities.


When marketing and sales collaborate the race to the finish line happens with more ease. Lets not make marketing more challenging than it needs to be!