Welcome To The B2B Market

My name is Peter Zafiris and I am a B2B sales and marketing executive based in Melbourne, Australia. I believe I was born to be in sales and marketing. I love the buzz of being able to change customer’s perception of a product. I love that in sales and marketing, there are no boundaries and you can write your own rules. Many find this unpredictability daunting, scary and downright frustrating but it’s this that I enjoy the most. The ability to try new things, change people’s minds and achieve real results. It really gets my blood racing.

If your company operates in an industrial B2B market, your product and service offerings can quickly turn to commodities. Your customers will largely purchase on price and your competitors will multiply. I understand that this may sound like an exaggeration but it will happen over time, if it has not happened already. Why? Because the choices for supply are many and the drivers of choice are few in a B2B market.

And if you’re a brand in the B2B market you better continue to live up to your promise, innovate and exceed the expectations of your customers or you will very quickly fall into the latter.

Moving away from this market environment is tough but it can be done. With this blog, I aim to share with you my key learnings and accomplishments over the last 17 years – within a B2B sales and marketing context. I’m excited about making this space a destination for learning, networking, exchanging ideas and sharing our passion for the business of marketing.

I hope you’ll join me with your comments and feedback!